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Building organic - Part III - The Design
Thursday, March 27, 2014
Building organic - Part III - The Design

part III of a III part seriesThe task of designing a structure for your organic farm can be an overwhelming task. Luckily for our project we brought along our travel friendly architect: Anne-Gaelle Clais.I invite you to read her two part article on how we went through our design process. Her articles take us through all the necessary questions we have to think about in order to build a functional structure for our farm. She covers in depth what problems we faced in the early stages of the project and how we can solve them as well as sharing some of our mistakes that we can now all avoid. Click on the links below for the full articles:PART 1: A rusty shack in the meadowPART 2: A $5000 ...

Building Organic - Part II - Farm life
Thursday, February 06, 2014
Building organic - Part III - The Design

part II of a III part series. Farm LifeBy Kevin SuJournal entry 1Waking up to the chatter of the metal workers transported me out of my sleep and back into a 2 story shipping container filled with mattresses. Pale morning light illuminated the stained walls of the room as I stumbled around for my glasses. Most of the volunteers had already headed out for their morning tasks. I intended to do the same. The thought of working into the afternoon blistering sun made me shudder. The temperature at high noon would be unbearable so I put on some long sleeves and headed out.We had a large lime order today of 40kgs. Some local restaurants were happy that we could deliver quality fruits at a ...

Building organic - Part I - Meeting Arafat
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Building organic - Part III - The Design

This is Part I of a III Part series.Meeting Arafatby: Kevin SuOur encounter with Arafat and the team began at the Sun Inn, after a 3 hour stuffy bus ride from KL to Kuala Selangor. My first impression of Kuala Selangor was another dusty town centered around a Tesco strip mall and couple of 24 hour Indian restaurants. The mundane air of the town fumed a sense of local pride as if it didn’t need to prove anything to any tourists wandering this far off the beaten track.  It was a relief to escape the suffocating Malaysian afternoon as we retreated into the air conditioned Hotel eager to meet the crew.When we entered the room we could tell that the 5 tired and sweaty volunteers ...

PARADISE UNDER SIEGE : Why the world's oldest rainforest is being consumed for profit
Sunday, December 29, 2013
Building organic - Part III - The Design

I was swept in an idyllic jungle adventure fantasy as our houseboat meandered up the majestic Sekonyer. All my senses were assaulted by the raw untouched environment as we witnessed the occasional kingfisher swoop down in front of the boat, the playful macaques frolicking in the branches above and the elusive orangutans nestled high in the old growth trees. The journey into the rainforest was a brief glimpse of what existed before the arrival of man, but the fantasy quickly faded as the direness of the situation unfolded before me.Surrounding the magical paradise of Tanjung Puting National park (TPNP) is a critical threat that besieges the 130 million year old tropical rainforest. The rapid ...