Building organic - Part III - The Design
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Thursday, March 27, 2014
By Kevin Su
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part III of a III part series

The task of designing a structure for your organic farm can be an overwhelming task. Luckily for our project we brought along our travel friendly architect: Anne-Gaelle Clais.

I invite you to read her two part article on how we went through our design process. Her articles take us through all the necessary questions we have to think about in order to build a functional structure for our farm. She covers in depth what problems we faced in the early stages of the project and how we can solve them as well as sharing some of our mistakes that we can now all avoid. Click on the links below for the full articles:

PART 1: A rusty shack in the meadow

PART 2: A $5000 House


Kebun Kaki Bukit project - from a rusty shack into a cosy home for less than 5000$ from Made in Partout on Vimeo.



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